Cradlefin Consultants

At Cradlefin, we have customised business solutions to suit individual corporate needs. Our team of consultants has the right mix of individuals with versatile experience across different sectors.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing involves managing your internal recruitment strategy. We tailor bespoke RPO service based on your needs. We can also manage your end-to-end recruitment process or just one aspect. 

Our RPO strategy seeks to achieve fundamental transformation for your talent acquisition process  which in turn results in efficient, streamlined and fully compliant personnel driving measurable business impact.

Cradlefin Consultants

We provide access to the expertise of academic and research staff through our consultancy services. The projects we deliver range from individuals providing their expert advice for a few hours, to multi-disciplinary teams working with external partners to solve complex problems.

We are committed to expanding the breadth and depth of our expertise outside traditional academic silos. Our range of multidisciplinary, topic-centred means that we are particularly well placed to bring together experts from different fields to meet your needs.

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